MCA testing will begin on March 18th.  Each day it is held, the testing will start at 8:30 AM.  Make up days will be available.

March 18th
Reading: 10th Grade

April 1st
Science: 10th & 11th Grade
March 19th
Reading: 8th Grade

April 2nd
Science: 8th Grade
March 20th
Reading: 7th Grade

April 3rd
Science: 5th Grade
March 21st
Reading: 6th Grade

April 4, 5, 8
Make up days
March 25th
Reading: 5th Grade

April 9thMath: 3rd & 4th Grade
March 26th
Reading: 3rd & 4th

April 10thMath: 8th Grade
March 27th - 29th
Make up days

April 11th
Math: 5th Grade

April 12th
Math: 6th Grade

April 15th
Math: 7th Grade

April 16thMath: 11th Grade

April 17thMake up day

April 22nd - 26th
Make up days