ZuZu African Acrobats Perform for Echo Charter School

Zuzu African Acrobats Perform at ECHO Charter School

Thunderous applause echoed through the ECHO Charter School gymnasium for a full hour as
students, staff, and families “ooh’d and aah’d” their way through the performance of the Zuzu
African Acrobats. The Zuzu troupe, which hails from Mombasa, Kenya, has performed at
hundreds of schools across the nation and appeared on “America’s Got Talent”, impressing even
the most temperamental judges on the panel. Over several years, they have offered messages of
positive encouragement to students and have become widely sought after for school assemblies.

For a full hour, the Zuzu troupe fought dizzying heights as they stacked chair upon chair, leaving
the sole occupant at the top upside down in defiance of gravity. Sublime athletes, the acrobats
tumbled, leaped, and built human scaffolds that reached high above the audience’s heads. They
also brought both students and staff onto the floor for various purposes—in the adults’ case,
mostly embarrassment. Following the conclusion of the show, students mobbed them for
autographs and pictures.

“They were awesome!” squealed several middle school girls. “When are they coming back?”