HWY 67 impacts

Hello Helen,


I am the project manager for the Highway 67 failure between Granite Falls and Echo.


MnDOT closed Hwy 67 near the Upper Sioux Agency State Park in spring 2019 due to a large slope failure. We have been monitoring the movement and analyzing what would be required to correct the failure; we have determined that due to cost and impacts that it is not feasible to repair the roadway in place. MnDOT is recommending permanently closing Hwy 67 and rerouting on other State Highway and County Road (see attached fact sheet).


I recognize that this may impact operations at Echo Charter Shool, particularly with bussing students. Can you please pass along this information to those who would be impacted and let me know if there are any questions or concerns. If needed, we can set up a meeting for me to discuss the project in more detail.


We are currently working with surrounding local governments, and over the next few weeks we’ll begin public engagement.


Thank you


Cody Brand, P.E.

Soils Engineer | District 8

Cell Phone (320) 979-4720


Minnesota Department of Transportation

2505 Transportation Road

Willmar, MN 56201