ECHO Charter School Literacy Plan 2017-2018

Local Literacy Plan - During the 2017-2018 school year our district will continue the Core Knowledge integrated reading program to teach reading in grades K through 5. Included in this program are components for guided reading, read aloud, shared reading and independent reading and incorporates scientifically based reading strategies and interventions. It integrates the teaching of reading across the curriculum. To enhance the curriculum, our district has an elementary library with a variety of fiction and nonfiction reading materials, covering a wide range of reading levels. Each classroom also has their own reading center where students can enjoy books and other resources selected by their classroom teacher. All K-3 students receive classroom reading instruction for a minimum of 90 minutes each day. Relevant technology engages students in meaningful learning activities. The district also uses Accelerated Reader (AR), which is a computerized program that tests basic reading comprehension. Students select books from their reading level, read independently and take an independent comprehension test on the computer. Each book is worth a given number of points based on its length and reading level.

All students in Kindergarten are given the Star Early Literacy test for initial screening and progress monitoring throughout the year. Grades 1-5 are given the Star Reading screening/benchmarking assessment three times or more throughout the course of the year in fall, winter, and spring. Using this data, along with data from the MCA's, STAR tests, and curriculum imbedded assessments, struggling and at-risk students are identified and referred for interventions. Specific interventions are based on further assessments, and the interventions are implemented through the collaborative efforts of the classroom teacher and other specialists. Each student’s progress is monitored either weekly or biweekly and if the intervention selected is not working, another intervention is selected and implemented. Students not responding to these interventions are referred for special education services. Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress at every step of the process.

The goal of ECHO Charter School is to ensure that all learners successfully achieve the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in English Language Arts (2010) for their grade level. The standards are aligned with the district’s curriculum and a map is in place to ensure that the standards are taught within the time available.